Try making sushi(1) Very good unexpectedly!

Today, I’m trying making sushi!

The first, learn by text book.



You can buy this with Amazon Japan. Even if you cannot understand Japanese, you can enjoy picture very much!すし-伝統の技を極める-岩央泰/dp/4816363289

Now, I don’t have sushi bowl like below and authentic vineger, so I use alminium bowl and cheep vineger.


You can see “sumizu”, vineger and water at the bottom of the photo. With “sumizu” ,rice doesn’t stick for your hands.

Then, I’m making sushi for the first time of my life!


Hooooo! Good looking unexpectedly!


Not bad! Good taste!

And very easy!

These are my first time sushi but they are better taste than them we can eat in reasonable sushi shops.

I believe that everyone can make sushi without long time practice!

YES, WE CAN! make sushi at home!

Saburo Sukiyabashi

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